We develop and manufacture
coffee machines under one roof.

About us

Our philosophy

The Aequator company was founded in 1933 and since then has been standing for Swiss quality and a long life of our coffee machines. To produce high quality machines is deeply rooted in our conscience and an essential part of our philosophy. Superior product and service performance is of prime importance for us as espresso specialists.


Our Vision

Aequator AG is one of the leading technology companies of Europe, developing and manufacturing innovative and reliable machines to make coffee and other hot drinks. This guarantees greatest drinking pleasure from your cup.

We are known as passionate, international business partner and as the innovative leader of specific customer projects in mechanical engineering, from developing to manufacturing the hot drink machine.

The pursuit of service excellence is the goal of our team, according to our basic principles.

Management principles:

- Set a good example
- Appreciate people and their workLive
- entrepeneurship
- Common agreement of objectives
- Organise temporary replacements
- Sef-discipline
- Self-reliance