Our research and development is based on what our customers want.

Our standard solutions

Our standard machines are used in cafeterias, in bakeries, office areas, at the hairdresser – they are welcome wherever people like coffee.

Our standard solutions are ready for you

We like to give your employees or customers a special treat with delicious coffee specialities. Our range of coffee machines are suitable for use in different surroundings and they fulfil various requirements.


Where to use our machines

  • Offices
  • Entrance/reception halls
  • Factory canteens / cafeterias
  • Breakfast rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Convenience stores
  • Bakeries
  • Small companies (garages, work and repair shops, hairdresser)
  • Sports clubs (golf, football club etc.)

Customer solutions

Individual customer solutions, taylor-made for you.


We are ready to satisfy your needs, to fulfil your wishes and to respect your corporate identity. Our wide range of coffee machines and accessories make it possible to arrange the product according to your wishes: you decide which colour  and branding combination you like, which drink varieties you want to prepare.

We are happy to send you an offer based on your requirements, or to show you all the possibilities at our headquarters in Arbon, Switzerland.

Do not hesitate to contact us: 

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