Aequator values long-term success for generations.

„Work in a team with good people, respect them, and motivate them. Good results are only possible with a good team.”

Arnaud van Amerongen, CEO & Owner

Arnaud is from The Netherlands, and has been a shareholder since 1998. His main focus is on Business Development and international expansion & acquisition. Furthermore he is responsable for our subsidiary in The Netherlands, Coffee First BV.

„When the wind blows hard, some people build walls, other people build windmills”. Chinese proverb

Manfred Meyer, Owner

Manfred entered the company in 1972, focussing on the development of fully automatic coffee machines. His father, Alfred Meyer, assigned him as his successor in 1972, and Manfred managed the company successfully during 28 years. In 2011 his son-in-law, Marcel Lendenmann, was elected CEO.

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