Fully automatic self-service machine for coffee specialities of supreme quality.

Choose your espresso, ristretto, or a fashionable coffee drink by simply pressing a button. The Brasil fully automated self-service machine makes it real easy. Excellent hygiene thanks to new cappuccino technique. Ideal for offices, catering and convenience areas.


  • 1 grinder for 1 type of coffee  (option: 2nd grinder for additional variety of coffee).
  • 2 instant containers for chocolate and milk.

The combination of the 4 ingredients allows you to prepare up to 14 coffee specialities in different sizes (cups, double cups etc.), simply pressing a button.

Width 320 mm, Height 810 mm, Depth 550 mm.

120 to 150 cups/hour of coffee / latte macchiato / cappuccino or 150 cups of hot chocolate or hot water for tea.

Energy Efficiency label: A


Hot Start System

Hot Start System

Aequator's unique heating system creates pleasantlyhot coffee enjoyment, from the very first cup.

High Hygiene Standard

High Hygiene Standard

Best hygiene milk system keeps bacteria away and reduces maintenance and cleaning work (meets EU hygiene regulations HACCP).

Grinder Control

Grinder Control

Excellent taste guaranteed by automatic qualit control of grinder and automatic adjustment of grinding and brewing times.

Swiss grinder
Swiss Bean grinder for best coffee quality and permanent safety. Fast and very low noise, ideal for office environment.  

Brewing unit
No loss of temperature during the brewing process, brew unit for 16 grams.  

Rotation pump
Very low noise, powerful and strong enough to prepare coffee continuously.

Easy Handling
By pressing a button, each drink is freshly prepared.  

Ingredients in the machine
The powder ingredients in the machine makes work very efficient: Fresh coffee beans for 240 cups of coffee, chocolate powder for 9 litres of hot chocolate, milk powder for 7.5 litres of milk.  

Filling the machine with ingredients is fast and easy.  

Possibility to integrate your own branding, or a graphic design of your products etc. (20x26 cm).  

Cup Outlet
Outlet adjustable in height for cups up to 10 cm height.  

Bean container
Spacious transparent bean container (2.4 kg).  

Connection for fresh water and waste water.

High standard of hygiene: Milk and chocolate are only exposed to water, heat and mechanical parts when the drink is prepared.  

Automatic rinsing program and automatic cleaning program for thorough cleaning.  

Functional parts like mixer bowl and outlet are dishwasher proof.  

The stainless steel housing, and the varnished synthetic front part are easy to clean, good-looking and valuable.

Cup warmer

Stainless steel cup warmer with space for 70 to 160 cups - depending on their shape - on 3 heated shelves.

Width  250 mm
Height 710 mm
Depth  370 mm

Cup warmer


Trolley with stable tubular frame and stainless steel walls. Swivelled wheels with brakes. Tanks for fresh and for waste water, water filter, pump and electric connections.

Width  700 mm
Height 900 mm
Depth  600 mm


Hot Water and Steam machine

High capacity hot water and steam machine, producing up to 50 l of hot water per hour. You may store about 30 cups on the top.

Width  250 mm
Height 785 mm
Depth  550 mm

Hot Water and Steam machine

Stainless steel housing to install payment systems

Stainless steel housing for coin changer and other payment systems. Front cover available in different colours.

Width  150 mm
Height 710 mm
depth  370 mm

Stainless steel housing to install payment systems

Payment system

Attachable housing prepared to install a coin checker and/or cashless payment systems.

Width  100 mm
Height 685 mm
Depth  385 mm

Payment system

Modem to connect cash registers

Prepared to connect self-service payment systems.

Design back cover

Design back cover in stainless steel or anthracite to decorate customers' front site.

Design back cover

Cup dispenser

Ideal use for self-service with a nice design.

Machine colours

The machines are available in brilliant black and brilliant white. The colours may be adjusted to your corporate identity.

Direct waste

Direct waste the existing foundation.