Venezuela 3.0

High performance solution for unique coffee drinks.

Venezuela 3.0

A short overview

A tasty pleasure for your guests our noble fully automatic coffee machine makes your wish true, in the most simple way. Easy operation by simply pressing a button and the great variety of drinks make Venezuela the ideal machine for daily use in hotels, offices or in upper level coffee-to-go shops.


  • 1 grinder for 1 type of coffee  (option: 2nd grinder for additional variety of coffee).
  • 2 instant containers for chocolate and milk

Energy Efficiency label: A (according to the EVA EMP 3.0B)

Swiss Coffee Grinder

Swiss Bean grinder for best coffee quality and permanent safety. Fast and very low noise, ideal for office environment.


Noble glass design

The precious glass front offers a fancy LED-lighting with automatic colour change. You have the possibility to integrate your own branding for efficient publicity. 

HMI 4.0

"Human Machine Interface" (HMI): user-friendly, interface. Modern and clear presentation of your products (8 to many different drink selections): individualisation possibility and easy navigation.


A Cup stand adjustable in height offers place for big cups of coffee and jugs up to 16 cm height. Ideal use for meetings and conferences. A separate outlet for hot water to prepare best tea quality. Features like our cup table sensor make sure the machine is easy and safe to use.


We attach great importance to a high standard of hygiene. Automatic rinsing program and automatic cleaning program for thorough cleaning.
Functional parts like mixer bowl and outlet are dishwasher proof.

Hot Start System

Aequator's unique heating system creates pleasantlyhot coffee enjoyment, from the very first cup.

High Hygiene Standard

Best hygiene milk system keeps bacteria away and reduces maintenance and cleaning work (meets EU hygiene regulations HACCP).

Grinder Control

Excellent taste guaranteed by automatic qualit control of grinder and automatic adjustment of grinding and brewing times.

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